Why I wrote Listen To Your Mother

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I never thought ever in my life I would write a book. I am a mother of 4, a grandmother to 1 (so far), a wife, a businesswoman, friend, hairdresser, cook and also a daughter. Never did I think I would add author to this list.


Its funny how it how it all came about…. My daughter Rachel moved out to live and work in Sydney, after Rachel’s big move. I was cooking dinner at home David and I were discussing her move and there were something’s that she wouldn’t listen to me about, so jokingly I said she should listen to her mother and we both thought that was a great title for a book.


What I learnt from Rachel moving out of home was that there are a lot of steps to moving and it’s quite a daunting task for someone who is doing this for the first time.


When Chris moved out he was moving in with a friend who already had the house set up so all he needed was a bed and clothes.


With Rachel, she was moving about an hour away and girls have a lot of stuff and want things to look nice. We used our work truck and hi-lux to move her out.


It was very different experience when Andrew moved out as he moved overseas for 9 months the first time and then 12 months the second time and this time will be for 2 years. With this move Andrew was limited with what he could take which was just clothes and his snowboard as he was going to live and work in Canada. He did purchase a lot of gear whilst living there like a car, rock climbing gear etc he was lucky to rent a couple of rooms in an already furnished house, when he was returning home he sold off what he couldn’t bring back.


Now Michael is moving to Canada to live for 1 to 2 years, so his move will be like Andrew’s.


There is a lot of advice out there on these subjects so why listen to me?

I don’t have a degree in finance or business. What I do have is a degree in motherhood and life. So my book gets rid of all the complications that adults tend to add.


Most importantly the beginning of the book is about setting yourself up before moving, so that you don’t go running back home and get told, I told you so. It will be more like well I never thought you would achieve the moving out and staying out WELL DONE!!!


Over the years as the kids grew up, our house was constantly filled with other children. What I realized is that a lot of kids don’t have a loving and supportive family like ours. Many kids have with divorced and remarried parents, unemployment and depression which makes it hard to find a good source of support. This is where my book comes in.


My biggest dream is that this book will help kids or young adults move out of the family home, and achieve the independence they so crave. Sure along the way you will skin your knees but hey that is life and all part of the process.

This book should be used as a reference guide to many areas of your life.

So give it a go and create your independence you never know you just might like it.



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