Words Of Praise


“Having being blessed by having Sandra Jennings as my mother for my 30 years to date, I have learnt many valuable life skills including cooking, cleaning and budgeting. I have had an outstanding role model for parenting which I now fall back on for advice with my young son and growing family. Mum’s love of cooking is fantastic for me as I love eating and there is never a dull meal, even leftovers are looked forward to in our house as they are always tweaked from the previous night. This creates a few arguments if someone misses out because they got home too late. Over the years growing up in Sandra’s house she has always been accepting of me and my circle of friends. She has visited some of my friends in other countries during her travels and there are still stories from lots of my friends based around memorable meals at “Wonkie’s house”. I couldn’t imagine a better mum and I’m very proud to call Sandra mine (even though I have to share her with my two brothers and sister, and now son).
Chris Jennings, son number 1


“I feel growing up with Sandra Jennings as my mother, I hit the jackpot of mothers. Loving, caring, passionate, supportive and also tough when it was required. (Needless to say I went a lot of nights without dessert because I wouldn’t eat my vegetables). As a mother of four it was never an easy task. Dad worked long hours and we spent weekends with our grandparents so Mum could earn extra money as a hairdresser. Despite being a full-time mum and part-time hairdresser she still managed to play competitive sport, look after the five of us and the many pets we always seemed to have growing up, and always kept the house clean, pantry full (we still refer to it as our supermarket), and food on thetable. Cooking became one of mum’s biggest passions in life, which for a kid was great; we rarely ate takeaway food and McDonalds was a last resort. Mum has always been the backbone of the family running the office of Dad’s building business while still following her own dreams and we could not be more proud of her for all her accomplishments in life.”
Andrew Jennings, son number 2


Here we go: “Growing up we seek to be loved unconditionally, looked after when we’re sick, wise advice and the knowledge that no matter what happens there is one person that you can rely upon. This is so true with my amazing mother Sandra. I am so blessed to have this woman as a role model and inspiration for what it truly means to be the cornerstone of a family, business and community. She is strong, resilient, loyal, cheeky and open-minded. She has taught me so such about life, relationships, food and cooking, family and choices that I will be eternally grateful for. I am so thankful for her teaching me from a very young age to be independent, not follow the status quo and to go out into the world with a smile, an open heart and a brave face and go after what I truly want. I believe I get my resilience, passion and strength from her. She is always there for a talk to listen and give advice on just about anything. I’m so proud of all that she has accomplished and will continue to accomplish including writing this thoughtful and helpful book. I look forward to watching what she creates next and cheering her along the way.” Love you 🙂
Rachel Jennings, only daughter, child number 3


“So what can I say about Sandra Jennings?
Well, I have known her for about 21 years now and I could not imagine my life without this amazing woman in it. She is hands down, one of the most caring, loving, honest and inspirational people I have ever known. I spend a lot of time with various mentors and coaches to help me learn and grow. Sandra is someone I will always look up to, I have learnt from and grown from. I would say both my parents are big role models in my life. Not to mention her amazing cooking skills! (You cannot raise four healthy kids without knowing a thing or two about cooking.) But most of all she is, and always will be, my closest friend. Someone I can always turn to when I need help, have a problem or just want someone to listen. I can’t begin to say how proud I am of her, of what she has done in her lifetime and writing this book. It is definitely worth a read!” Love you MUM!!!
Michael Jennings, son number 3, child number 4


“Sandra has always been a wealth of knowledge when it comes to anything to do with parenting, finances, wellness and lifestyle. She is a fantastic role model and someone we can look to for assistance. I strongly recommend everybody
read her book as it will give you an insight into the wonderful person she is.”
Erin Jennings, daughter-in-law


“I have known Sandra Jennings for just over six years. She is a kind, caring and loving woman who has welcomed me to her family with open arms. Sandra is a terrific mother to her four children and is seen as a mother figure to many more. She is an incredibly enthusiastic and fun-loving individual who encourages her family to excel in all aspects of life. Sandra has many talents, none that I believe she is more passionate about than her love of cooking and keeping a beautiful home. This makes Sandra the perfect person for writing Listen to Your Mother. I would like to congratulate her on the publishing of her first book and wish her every success for the future.”
Nicola Hummerston, daughter-in-law


“In my opinion Sandra has what it takes to move mountains! With the experience of raising four children herself, in the 13 years of sharing time with Sandra I am always taking notes for myself on raising my own family. Sandra is dynamic in every way. Has an answer for everything. I am so proud to call Sandra a dear friend.”
Sandra Vatovec, mother of two and owner of Working with Hair (Thirroul)


“Where do I start? OK, here goes … If I was to describe Sandra in one word, it would be “love”. Her unconditional
love for her husband, children, grandchildren and whole family shines very brightly through interactions, and the spark that lights up inside when she tells stories about them. Love is something that Sandra exudes. She was born with motherly love. Whether you are a part of her life forever, or a fleeting moment, you will experience an infectious nurturing energy and desire to make the world
a happier and more loving place. This quote by Jessica Lange is the epitome of who Sandra is, as not only a mother, but also as a wife, and friend: “The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children.”
Samantha Brown, General Manager at Pat Mesiti and Founder of We are The Agency 


“It is with pure delight that I can enlighten the readers with some insights on Sandra who is an amazing friend and a sensational mum and grandmother. Sandra has an effervescent personality that lights up her life and others’. Sandra has achieved much as a mother, business partner, self-educator, mentor and friend. Her philosophy on life is a positive attitude and a trust in the universal powers. Sandra approaches life challenges head on and with a “can do” or “why not” attitude. She is driven to achieve and has much wisdom to offer. Sandra definitely adds value to your life with honesty and humour. So enjoy her pearls of wisdom and let it unleash your own. Learn from her lessons, reflect and remember to laugh along the journey of life. With love, respect and gratitude. Thank you for our great friendship Sandra.”
Lindy Rogers, solicitor and mother of 2